Access 2.0, 7.0 and VB5, One program to open any MDB 
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 Access 2.0, 7.0 and VB5, One program to open any MDB

Is there a safe way using a VB5 front end to open an identical database
from different formats  using if, then else statements?

I wrote a program at work using VB5 that loaded , displayed and allowed
me to alter fields in an access 2.0 db.

Brought the program home where I have access 7.0 and it choked. I looked
into the coding conventions for access 7.0 call ups and they are
considerably different.

What do I need to do to recognize what the db was written in and which
block of if, then else statements to use??? Thanks,

Thu, 09 Mar 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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