Psychologist needs HELP, export table to A: drive 
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 Psychologist needs HELP, export table to A: drive

I am a psychologist/novice VB programmer and having trouble exporting a
table to an A:drive. using VB front end, ACCESS back end

Here is what i am trying

First I do a make table from the table where I collect the data into a
table to export then I check and see if there is a database on the disk in
A and delete if so, then create the database then try and do a make table
into that database.  I can get the make table to work in the same atabase
but when I try and get it to make a table into the new data base i get this

run time error 3067

Query input must contain at least one table or query

Here is the code if anyone can see what is wrong with it:

'this works OK to make table in the main database

AssessDB.Execute "SELECT TBLIntakeOutcome.* INTO " _
        & "[TBLIntakeOutcomeExport] FROM TBLIntakeOutcome;"
  AssessDB.Execute "Delete * FROM TBLIntakeOutcome"

 If Dir("A:\ExportDB.mdb") <> "" Then
 Kill ("A:\ExportDB.mdb")
 End If

Set dbsNew = AssessWS.CreateDatabase("A:\ExportDB.mdb", _
        dbLangGeneral, dbEncrypt)

    assessDB.execute "SELECT TBLIntakeOutcomeExport.* INTO " _
        & "[TBLIntakeOutcomeExport]" & " [IN  " & ("A:\ExportDB.mdb") & " ]
FROM TBLIntakeOutcomeExport

Sun, 10 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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