01S03 [Microsoft][ODBC Library] No rows updated or deleted 
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 01S03 [Microsoft][ODBC Library] No rows updated or deleted

The Error message in the title is driving me out of my mind!

I have taken over a project written in VB 4.0, which runs against an Oracle
DB, the project has been error-prone, but I seem to have been able to fix
most of the "crap" in it. Anyway the application has been running quite all
right for some months now. Suddenly, I get this stupid error message, I have
absolutely no idea whatsoever, where it comes from, or what to do about it.
The error comes when I have an update statement on a msrdc32.ocx.

msrdc1("fieldname") = "value"  'I'm not sure if this is the right syntax, in
the code it is correct, this is not the problem
msrdc1.update 'This is the line that suddenly gives me this ridiculous

I have even contacted Microsoft's support team, and used up one of my "free
questions", fat help that was, the bloke had absolutely no idea what Visual
Basic was. So here I am asking the real experts for help (the real experts
are the ones that actually work with VB)

Any help will be strongly appreciated.

In answering could you please send an e-mail as well as posting the answer

Thanks beforehand.
Jens Fudge

Sun, 17 Dec 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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