VB5 Data objects Help required 
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 VB5 Data objects Help required

i am having problems finding the right settings for dynasets. i have a database
opened on a network drive that i want everybody to access and read and write

using dynaset to create copy using the following code, i can get the system to
work, but it will not write back to the networked databse until the "dbweir"
database is closed. I also want to use SQL Querys so can any one please advise
the right type of dynasets to open or a better way of doing it.

Thanks in advance.

Andrew Sparrow

global dbWeir as database
global rsCustomer as Recordset
global gsCustomer as string     'for table name

Set dbWeir = OpenDatabase(gsRecordSource + gsDatabase, True, False)
dbWeir.Connect = gsConnect

'connect customer record set
Set rsCustomer = dbWeir.OpenRecordset(gsCustomer, dbOpenDynaset)

Thu, 16 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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