Renaming an Access field (reserved word) via VB6 
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 Renaming an Access field (reserved word) via VB6

I wonder if you can help ?

I have to manipulate an Access table via VB6 and write data to it with ADO,
however, a number of fields names use RESERVED WORDS of VB i.e. Add, Date

The application that uses and created these tables was VB itself, so I think
these tables were created using some type of class object (and a particular
field was written to/created using .Add, .Date (note the dot operator))

I have no experience of classes within VB, so I thought I may be able to
temporarily rename the field while I temporarily write to it then rename it
to it's original name.
Is there anyway I can use the DOT notation i.e.    .Add or .Date within ADO
because the only way I can write to the table at present is with !firstname,
!lastname (! expression)

Mon, 29 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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