sheridans data widgets - combo box problem 
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 sheridans data widgets - combo box problem

After using sheridans data widgets dbcombo control for 6 months, I just seem
to have one problem after another. I seem to do nothing more than write work
arounds to get the damned thing to work !!

Anyway my latest problem is :-

I have a combo box - it stores a numerical code and the data field to
display is a string. This works fine, apart from when you come to delete the
string at run time and then save. All it does is put the old value back in.
I have set auto restore to false. I have found that if I set that data field
display to the code then this does not happen. Only appears to happen if u
store one field and then show another.

Does anyone have any ideas ????

Tue, 02 Dec 2003 17:27:27 GMT  
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