Books to learn VB for Databse programming 
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 Books to learn VB for Databse programming


     Can anyone suggest a book to read on learning VB for the purpose of
database programming.  I have been using MS Access for over 3 years now and
know some VB for the purpose of Dbase programming primary for front end
forms.... I have not use VB extensively for Dbase so I bought the book by QUE
on using VB 5 special edition and MS VB 5 learning edition, but that only made
me more confused then ever.....  it did not answer my basic question which is
how VB can significantly enhance my database and how I can incorporate them
into MS Access after I created the form in VB 5 since there are some forms in
VB5 I would like to use that does not exist in Access......  am I missing
something ????    Any comment or suggestion are welcome.....


Fri, 16 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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