Run-time error 20000 
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 Run-time error 20000

Anyone ever get this error message?  I have a VB program which allows
the user to print using CRW a record or range of records from an Access
database.  The error message is generated when the user tries to print
but not all my users generate the error message.  Users are printing to
both local printers and LAN printers.

I can't locate the error in VB, CRW, or WIN95.  Could it be a Database
Jet Engine error or a printer error?

The problem only occurs when I am running from the installed version.  I
don't generate the error in the developer's environment (why stepping
throught the code didn't help).

In my debug process, I inserted message boxes to check the execution as

msgbox "Next line is DoEvents"
msgbox "Next line is call to CRW"
ReportName.Action = 1

Since I needed to press the OK button for the msgbox, it seems to have
delayed the execution of each line of code enough that the report
printed without problem.  I took the msgboxes out, did the setup wizard
again, installed it again and got the run-time error again.  

Any help or suggestion as to what could be causing the error is welcome.
I don't really know where else to look.



Thu, 15 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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