Problem with System 10 ODBC driver under Visual Basic 
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 Problem with System 10 ODBC driver under Visual Basic

I am having difficulty with using System 10 ODBC under VB 4.0 on NT:
Everything works fine during the actual sessions (I am using the
standard "OpenRecordset" method (with vbSnapShot and vbSqlPassThrough)
for queries and the "Execute" method for inserts, updates, etc.  Both
methods of VB's "Database" Object) but when I terminate the application,
the NT Kernel throws me into "Developer Studio" claiming that Visual
Basic caused an access violation.  (On machines w/o Developer Studio,
the kernel starts Dr. Watson).  This type of thing never occurs when I
use VB without ODBC, *even* when I access Sybase through a different
medium (I had been using Sombrero without a glitch, but was forced to
switch to ODBC for "standardizing" reasons.) Unfortunately, I don't have
access to any of the manuals/literature for the driver (if they exist)
nor do I have the VB manual volume with info on ODBC.  
        Has anyone else experienced these problems?  I am new to the world of
ODBC (having previously developed either with Jet engine-hitting-Access
or Sombrero against Sybase). I am closing both the instance of the
Database object as well as the recordsets that I am using, is something
else required when using ODBC?? Is this indicative of  some
misconfiguration or corruption in the driver? Please help!

        TIA to all "repliers",

Sun, 25 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
 Problem with System 10 ODBC driver under Visual Basic

I have this problem with the Sybase ODBC
driver and a C++ program I wrote. The
Sybase ODBC driver is writing 4 bytes
past the end of one of its allocations
while closing down. I "fixed" this by
trapping and ignoring the error. This
program has been in use for several
months at several sites without any
observed side affects of this "fix."

Wed, 28 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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