Transactions and Workspaces 
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 Transactions and Workspaces

I'm having a problem using the BeginTrans method on an ODBC datasource.

I start the transaction using gdbDatabase.BeginTrans and obviously end the
transaction with gdbDatabase.CommitTrans or gdbDatabase.Rollback.

It works fine but before the Commit or rollback, I need to read from another
database (Access).  I get an error when trying to read from this database while
in a transaction, and subsequently cannot get to the commit or rollback because
of the error.  I suspect that VB4's workspaces will solve this problem but I am
having a hard time understanding how to implement them.

Should I be creating a workspace for the transaction methods (ODBC datasource)
and a separate one for reading the Access tables?

Need help on this one fast.  Anybody?

Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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