Download : Oracle Objects for OLE beta 
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 Download : Oracle Objects for OLE beta

Oracle Objects for OLE  beta is available for download from the
following sites


Full: ( comes with Net8 client)

This beta release supports new Oracle8 data types among other new features
since version 2.3.

   Easy access and manipulation of new types introduced in Oracle8:
    -     BLOB, CLOB and BFILE types (supported as OraBlob , OraClob and
OraBfile interfaces)
    -     Oracle OBJECT type (supported as OraObject interface)
    -     Oracle OBJECT REF type (supported as OraRef interface)
    -  Oracle VARRAYs, NESTED TABLE types (supported as OraCollection

  New OraNumber interface for enhanced and complete Oracle NUMBER support

  Advanced Queuing support (using OraAQ, OraAQAgent, and OraAQMsg

  Support for Oracle Schema description (using OraMetaData and
OraMDAttribute interfaces)

  Support for efficient management of database connections and user
sessions (using OraServer interface)

  Improved Paramater Array interface

  Support for snapshot based dynasets

  Support for Oracle BLOB and BFile Data types in Oracle Data Control

Please report any problems you encounterd in this beta release to

Oracle Objects for OLE

Oracle Objects For OLE (OO4O) is a product designed to allow easy access to
data stored in Oracle databases from any programming or scripting language
that supports the Microsoft COM Automation and ActiveX technology. This
includes Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Basic For Applications (VBA), IIS
Active Server Pages (VBScript and JavaScript), and others.

The OO4O Automation Server is a set of COM Automation objects for connecting
to Oracle database servers, executing SQL statements and PL/SQL blocks, and
accessing the results.

Unlike other COM-based database connectivity APIs, such as Microsoft ADO,
the OO4O Automation Server has been developed and evolved specifically for
use with Oracle database servers. It provides an optimized API for accessing
features that are unique to Oracle and are otherwise cumbersome or
inefficient to use from ODBC or OLE DB-based components.

OO4O provides key features for efficiently and easily accessing Oracle
databases in environments ranging from the typical two-tier client/server
applications (developed in Visual Basic or Excel, for example) to
application servers deployed in application server environments such as web
server applications in Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS). Features

                 Full Support for Oracle Object-Relational and LOB Datatypes

PL/SQL Support for execution of PL/SQL anonymous blocks and stored
procedures. This includes support for Oracle datatypes allowed for
input/output parameters of PL/SQL stored procedures including PL/SQL

Support for scrollable and updatable cursors for easy and efficient access
to result sets of queries. Refer to OraDynaset.

Thread Safe objects and Connection Pool Management Facility for developing
efficient web server applications.

Full support for Advanced Queuing in Oracle.

Support for array inserts and updates. Refer to OraParameter,
OraParamArray, and OraSQLStmt.

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