Deadlock errors & vb error trapping 
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 Deadlock errors & vb error trapping

Hi all...

I am using VB & Sybase System 10. Our system is prone to  
deadlocks, which Sybase calls error #1205. I tried to capture  
that in the on error statement where I have a case 1205, mention  
it in the status bar, then retry.

Problem is that I'm using ODBC to Sybase, and I'm thinking that  
perhaps ODBC is converting the 1205 error to something ODBC uses.  
Problem is, I can't tell what that is because it's difficult to  
reproduce a deadlock on demand.  

Might anyone know what error code I should be checking for in  
this situation?

Thanks a lot for any info


Fri, 12 Sep 1997 09:12:59 GMT  
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