Something probably simple... 
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 Something probably simple...

I am making applications with a lot of calculations, using several input
and results windows.
I am still not mastering a very basic process:
I do the inputs in one window, using EditFields, saving my numerical
inputs in the Controls TextChange as
Now I would like to display the same variable in another window and make
sure it is updated when I change the value in the inputs window. So far,
I have copied the MyVariableBox(i) EditField in the other window, but I
don't know how to display the value and refresh it. I have tried to
declare my MyVariableBox(i) and MyVariable(i) values in a module, so it
should be available everywhere, an d I have written a procedure in the
module that says:
    sub Update()
        dim i as Integer
        For i=0 to 3
    end sub
but that doesn't seem to work: I get an error message: "Unhandled
NilObjectException raised".

Shall I create a Class ? I am not yet familiar with classes...

If anyone can help a beginner, I would be immensely grateful...
Franz der Schweizer
Faber fit fabricando
homepage: http://perso.{*filter*}

Wed, 27 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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