A question about "declare function" 
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 A question about "declare function"

I'm trying to implement LLastClick. By looking at exemples I think it may be
something like this. But it's wrong of course.

theList is the name of my List
and the LLastClick returns a value of type Cell

I'm developping for OSX , is  lib "CarbonLib" OK ?

declare function LLastClick lib "CarbonLib" (theList as Listbox) as integer

Dim thePoint  as memoryBlock
Dim x,y as integer

thePoint = LLastClick(theList)
y = thePoint.short(0)
x = thePoint.short(2)

Thanks in advance


Sat, 27 Sep 2003 06:28:09 GMT  
 A question about "declare function"

> declare function LLastClick lib "CarbonLib" (theList as Listbox) as integer

You're mixing things up here by trying to pass a RB class to a Toolbox
function.  The RB ListBox class may or may not be based on a List
Manager list (I don't know how it's implemented), but it isn't the
same.  You have to pass a ListHandle to this function, and as far as I
can tell there isn't a ListHandle associated with a RB ListBox -- or at
least not one we can access.

If I'm wrong I'm sure Joe will correct me!  :-)

Sat, 27 Sep 2003 22:19:16 GMT  
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