Serial1 Buffer and DataAvailable event 
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 Serial1 Buffer and DataAvailable event

I have been trying unsucessfully to correctly figure out what makes
the DataAvailable event fire in a serial control when there is new
data in the buffer.
I would think the moment there is new data in the buffer, even one new
character the even should fire and I could then add that to a
Currently it fires only when it wants. I can make it fire, but I must
move the mouse around in the same window as the serial1 control. This
looks like a bug to me. I have tried getting around this by making a
timer1 control and checking the lookahead, but this has it's own
issues. I have used the following code in the dataavailable event:

if len(serial1.lookahead) >=1 then
editfield1.text = editfield1.text + serial1.readall
statictext2.text ="Data Read"
Statictext2.text ="Buffer Empty"

My question is there a known bug with the serial and winxp? Does
anybody know how this buffer works and do they have any example code?

I am running Windows XP Demo v5.1 but have the Mac5.1 Pro version. Can
it be a limitation of the demo?

Thanks for the help

Sun, 30 Oct 2005 09:57:49 GMT  
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