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(sorry if this subject appear twice, but after writing the first time
and send it, I can no longer see it; Netscape say that there is 1 item
not already read but it is not in the list)

Anyway: In a window, I try to list all folderItems contained in a folder
like an openFolderItem dialog does; The listbox has 3 column: The first
contains the name, the second contains the kind, the third contains the
disk where the item is (Especially for the desktop); At the
"name"column, each line whose the item is not locked is editable
(Allowing to change an item name); But when a field is selected, no line
is selected (i.e the "change" event is not executed and the
listIndex=-1) and when the "CellAction" event fire, I can't know wich
item should have another name (The last content is no more accessible,
too)... Any idea?

Mon, 28 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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