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 ElfData XML Editor 1.11

September 14 2001, Theodore H. Smith announces ElfData XML Editor 1.11
is available.

With 118 improvements to XML Editor, this is a big release. This
represents the last stages as a "medium featured" XML Editor, before
many features that will make XML Editor a heavyweight are added, over

You can read about the new version, at: <www.elfdata.com/xmleditor/>

XML Editor 1.11 can be downloaded from:

The price has also been lowered from $70, to $55. In the future, a new
two-tiered pricing scheme may come into effect, once enough "Heavy
weight" features are added. Read about this at:

The most outstanding new features are:

* (Again) All bugs reported are fixed, and many that weren't reported.

* Greatly improved DTD support. Now finds files more reliably, and
shows errors to the user far better.

* Fully supports included XML files.

* Holder is more compact, looks better, and has more features,
including grouping, and having the Holder items appear in a document
window hierarchical CMM.

* New "ToolBar" contains all the old buttons, and many new buttons, and
the document info too.

* Syntax coloring.

* Parsing and validation is much faster, and there is also a progress
bar while doing both.

* Can send files to a user configurable set of XML viewers.

* XML can now be dropped unambiguously anywhere in the document, via
"drop lines" that appear when there is an ambiguity.

And so many more improvements, that listing them is too much to email.
But if you are interested in the all the improvements, they are online,
at <www.elfdata.com/xmleditor/VersionHistory.readme>

-- Theodore H. Smith, of ElfData.

Wed, 03 Mar 2004 02:25:20 GMT  
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