Using mp3 files and database over a network 
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 Using mp3 files and database over a network

Hello group,

We have an existing FileMaker Pro database with various mp3 files of
original music that we have written that can be auditioned within Filemaker.
We use the database to search for pieces of music that we may be able to
resell. Unfortunately, they cannot be played over our ethernet network.  I
was wondering if I could solve the problem by creating a custom
program/database that could organize the files on one computer but have them
be able to audition the music files over the network.

Out network only has 5 computers on it and at any given time is not very

Can a Real Database have a mp3 type?  Is there an easy way to play the files
over a network?  Maybe even over the internet? Any thoughts on how to start
organizing and tackling this project would be appreciated.



Sun, 20 Feb 2005 02:50:13 GMT  
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