Disable Nav Serv is OS 8.5+? 
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 Disable Nav Serv is OS 8.5+?

I recall seeing this somewhere, but I couldn't find anything - is there
a way to disable Navigation Services when using GetOpenFolderItem,
GetSaveFolderItem and SelectFolder?  I can't disable the Navigation
library in OS 8.5 and above (I'm using 8.6 now) because it's built into
the system, and I suspect it's causing crashes in my app (I remember
hearing something about Nav causing problems in RB apps so I would like
to disable it (no earlier OS versions easily accessible).  The crashes
are mostly random - usually I can only run the app once before needing
to restart, tho sometimes I just need to build the app again (with no
changes!).  I've just about got the bugs out of my app, but this is
making it difficult and driving me batty!

OS 8.6 on PB G3 '98 and B&W G3, RB 2.0.2


Don't Panic!

Wed, 29 May 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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