QTVR and Carbon Sloooooow 
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 QTVR and Carbon Sloooooow

Hi All,

I am making an app for OSX/Classic/Windows that will allow the user to load
and view a QTVR panoramic.  I have everything working, however under Carbon
(either OS X or 9 too) there seems to be a slow down issue when panning the
image it is really jerky and not smooth as it should be.  If I move the
mouse while I pan, then the pano speeds up and is smooth.  The same effect
is happening with the Zoom in and Zoom out buttons on the Movie control.
This same pano works fine under MoviePlayer itself, just not within RB or
Compiled app.  Is this a bug?  Has anyone any suggestions for this or any
tips on using QTVR movies with RB Carbon?  I hope I can get this figured
out, otherwise I can't release an OSX version of this neat Myst Like game.

Thanks in advance,


Wed, 22 Sep 2004 10:03:01 GMT  
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