Apple Event questions 
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 Apple Event questions

I'm trying to make an app i'm working on recognize when a CD is mounted
on the desk top.... so i've used ae recorder and came up with this in
the ae recorder the event is marked thus
<misc>,<slct> and when i i click on this i get:
seld:'[whatever cd is then inserted]'

can my app catch this event? and if so, how do i get to the seld part of
the event sent to my app? I confess, i tried to read the part the
definitive guide book but it flew miles over my head

hmm now that i'm think about it, is there someway to somehow reverse
this apple event so that my app asks finder for a specific disk?
If anyone can offer some advice or some sample code, it'd be greatly
appreciated... heh i don't know how i'd program my piddly little
programs without this group
If you build something from the inside out,
you'll have no difficulties penetrating from the outside in

Fri, 16 Jan 2004 22:39:07 GMT  
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