Listbox background paint and *my* listbox bug 
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 Listbox background paint and *my* listbox bug

More info about my listboxes strange behavior. I don't know what is
happening and it's driving me mad :

I've just received the REALbasic tip about "iTunes-like" listbox and added
the code to my project. The result is a Runtime failure when running in the
IDE (de{*filter*}.cpp:835). The runtime failure doesn't arise in the compiled
app, however.

And when I use my classes and listbox objects in a new project, the
"iTunes-like" code works as expected.

Can somebody explain me this ?
Why my upgraded RB project behaves like this with listboxes ?

To reply, just replace "tvir" with "terravirtual".

Sun, 03 Apr 2005 01:22:03 GMT  
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