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> In I window which I have, when I call the 'close' call, the program crashes,
> or REALbasic crashes if I am only 'running' the program. This happens every
> time, yet if I don't use the close command, and simply press the button in
> the corner of the window, it will close properly without a problem.

When exactly are you calling 'close'?  This is undoubtedly the problem.
Once you close the window, you must not attempt to do much of anything
with it -- you must return immediately, and if this is in an event
handler, you should return 'true' so that RB thinks you've handled the
event and does not attempt to handle it any further (this only applies
to events with a Boolean return type, of course).

- Joe

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Fri, 05 Nov 2004 21:46:58 GMT  
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