Odd re-draw issues with 4.0.2 
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 Odd re-draw issues with 4.0.2


> I was wondering if anyone else had experienced problems with redrawing when
> building with 4.0.2.

> We haven't seen these issues before, but now when we build with 4.0.2 for
> either Classic or Carbon, all sorts of issues are coming up. For example,
> listboxes not updating and activating the scrollbar when there are more rows
> are added than can currently be viewed, chasing arrows remaining frozen
> after completing their task, whole portions of the window not appearing when
> hiding and then coming back to the app, and a bunch more.

I haven't seen any of that. Only chasing arrows issue I've seen is that
they sometimes draw in the wrong place.


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Thu, 16 Sep 2004 07:18:17 GMT  
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