Temp files in os X? 
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 Temp files in os X?

Here's the beginning of a method of one of my classes

  dim bsOriginal, bsHeaderPortion, bsStringsPortion,bsFinal as
  dim fiHeaderTemp,fiStrTemp as folderItem
  dim i,iEndloop as integer
fset as integer
iStrLen,iOffset,iOffsetToStr,iOffsetCorrection,iReplacedEntryStrLen as
  dim sJunk as string
  dim bChangeOffset as boolean
  if uBound(pcNewEntries)> -1 then
    'initialize the work files
    fiHeaderTemp = TemporaryFolder.Child("IREDlgTempHdr.tlk")
    if fiHeaderTemp.exists then
    end if
    bsHeaderPortion = fiHeaderTemp.CreateBinaryFile(fileType)
    bsHeaderPortion.littleEndian = true

and an exception is thrown in that last line??? Hmm the only thing that
might need explaining is that fileType is string arguement passed to
the method.
I used the de{*filter*} and it tells me fiTempHeader exists but isWriteable
= false
So from this i deduce that it must be some problem with the permissions
in os x so what do i do when i need to write tempfiles in os x? Any
hints? Or something obvious i'm missing?


Tue, 04 Jan 2005 23:46:19 GMT  
 Temp files in os X?

the plot thickens... so i figured out that is was because bsHeaderTemp
was nil... so i fixed those problems by using GetTemporaryfolderItem
and all worked well

Then the problem reoccurs when i do the
bsFinal = file.CreateBinaryFile(fileType)

File is a folderItem argument passed the method

I check the file and it's iswriteable property is set to false... so i
double checked the privileges on the file and everyone can read and
write so i can't see why it's saying it's not writable :P

Anyone have any comments or suggestions?

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Wed, 05 Jan 2005 00:33:27 GMT  
 Temp files in os X?


>     fiHeaderTemp = TemporaryFolder.Child("IREDlgTempHdr.tlk")
>     if fiHeaderTemp.exists then
>       fiHeaderTemp.delete
>     end if

If you're running into permissions problems, a better solution might be
to handle this portion of the code differently.  Instead of deleting
the file that's in the way, try choosing a different file name (since
this is a temporary file we're talking about, so its name shouldn't

Wed, 05 Jan 2005 02:17:56 GMT  
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