The big problem: Do I reset all? 
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 The big problem: Do I reset all?

Hi, and help

When I run my project, every graphics are blank, every controls other
than line, box and rounded boxes (Include when edited) are blank,
windows are resized when moved or zoomed, with, at the first time, an
infinity height and of 100 (Measured with icons at a bar wich I don't
know its english name (To modify main properties from anywhere) The
"properties" window in the IDE has some tools of the "Tools" window
moved on it (At the same coordinates as if they were in the "Tools"
window), collapsing window take 3 seconds, some pictures from the
"Project" window are moved in the "Properties" window, too (e.g I see
the icon of the menu bar at {26,4} (No calculated), when "properties"
window is moved, it goes at an other place (Sometimes), when chosing a
color in the "Color" window, the window come blank after the color
picker is displayed, collapsing the "Properties" window activate the
"Finder" application, sometimes all contents of "Properties" are moved
into "Project" window, global floating windows have correct color a few
seconds (Illogic, it musst never have the correct color, it's a know
bug) What is it? A system error, a control manager,window manager,
display manager, macintosh manager, screen manager, sound manager ()
error (I was bad waked up, sorry), a realBasic error, an illogic error
(From a computer!?) and I can continue to write components
Notes: The apple bug "The thing" appeared twice, and has been moved
twice in a self-created folder; My propject has specialities, as
example, I've a modal dialog, and when the mouse is outside, the window
move at the position where the mouse is at the border wich was near the
mouse (Then the modal dialog is not always invisble by fault of global
floating windows

(I use blank to say "filled with the backcolor")

Any help, information, comment, links, or anything else is

Mon, 08 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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