Mac ATC Simulator Project -- Any Interest? 
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 Mac ATC Simulator Project -- Any Interest?

I'm wondering if there are any Realbasic programmers out there interested in
co-developing a reasonably decent ATC simulator for the Mac platform.

I'm envisioning a program slightly less complex than the current (and highly
detailed) PC sim called "ATC Simulator" (see http://www.*-*-*.com/ )
and am currently working on an abstract/white paper to describe key
requirements and goals for the sim.

Some of the key technical/programming requirements will include movement of
objects over time through a three-dimensional axis in a 360 degree
horizontal range of movement (movement every five seconds in real-time),
distance/collision detection, need to generate traffic patterns randomly
from a large-ish predefined database of flights, speech for phrases spoken
by aircraft, choice of areas to control (among, say 6-10), and the ability
to take into account simple weather effects.

The current division of work involves one (or more if needed) programmer(s)
working to create a program using art, specifications and data provided by

The final goal would be sold as an inexpensive (under $20) shareware program
with all sales being split evenly among those principals involved in the

I'll post another notice when the white paper is finished later this week,
unless there is no interest among the Mac Realbasic programming community.



Pleas email me or post if interested.

Fri, 28 Nov 2003 23:58:24 GMT  
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