Editable table control - a problem :) 
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 Editable table control - a problem :)


I attempted to made an editable table/list control,with some nice
features like offscreen drawing,resizing an picture viewing. It works
now in general.For editing fields I use no border editfield, that is
placed "on" the cell that is to be edited. However,there is problem.
After lostfocus the tableclass hides editfield (tried two ways, setting
visible to false and left to eg.-10000), during that a cell is greyed
for a moment ( ten ticks more on less) and it looks awful for me :)
Immediate table redrawing doesn't take any effect. Somebody succed with
such controls ? I'd like to have it clean "calcsheet" like control.
If someone wants to get a code to see , email me - i'll send.


Sun, 22 Sep 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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