Problem using sqlselect with mysql database 
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 Problem using sqlselect with mysql database

Whenever I use a search in a sqlselect or databasecontrol it does not
work. Example: (select * from table where value='value') It always
returns recordcount of 0. I run the same exact command on the MySQL
server and it returns the right amount. I remove the search and it
works fine. Exampe: (select * from table). DatabaseQuery works with
the same command that won't work with sqlselect or databasecontrol.
This is my code:
db and versionid are public properties so not declared here.
  dim rs as recordset
  dim test as string

versionid = ""
rs = db.sqlselect("select test from currentversion where
currentversion.test='" + versionid + "'")
if versionid <> rs.field("test").stringvalue then
msgbox ("The current version is " + rs.field("test").stringvalue + ".
Your version is " + versionid + ".")
 end if

Sat, 09 Apr 2005 05:52:26 GMT  
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