Quicktime movies and compilation 
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 Quicktime movies and compilation

Hi every one

I try to make a simple video application wich make one movie (.mov)
with 2 or more movies (.mov). In RB, I found methods to do that :

Method InsertMovieSegment
Method AppendMovieSegment
Method Copy/paste

But I have problems with all of then :

With InsertMovieSegment and AppendMovieSegment, I can build a new
movie with n movies (segments). But when I play it with Quicktime
player (or in RB), the movie stop at the end of the first segment. In
fact, the picture stopped but the cursor continue to move until the
end of the movie. If I try to play starting at the second second, I
can see it but, like for the first segment, it stops at the end of the
second segment and so on ! The new movie is really made with my n
movies, but I can't view it correctly.

With the method Copy/paste, the final movie is correctly play. It
don't stop at the end of each segment. But, in my code when I copy a
movie and paste it into an editablemovie, it appear in the active
window (wich have no player), without I ask him to do that !

Can anyone help me to resolve those problems

Sorry my english is very bad, I hope you understand what I mean !

Thu, 22 Sep 2005 19:09:19 GMT  
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