need OCR function in RB 
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 need OCR function in RB


I need a simple** OCR function for a RB project. Has someone knowledge,
where I can find a shared libary for this or a (simple and small!)
program that provides the communication over clipboard or file.
(put graphics in clipboard, call program, terminate program and getting
text from clipboard ...) Some fax software contains OCR module and I
have tried to use this for my own. But its difficult to integrate this
in own solutions ... the foreign programs opens dialogboxes,
fileselector ... its disturbing.

Who knows the "Recore? 3.0 Engine"? Its from a older Presto! version. If
I drag this in the RB project window, its shows ... but how to use?

Thanks for hints & tips.


** from clean printed documents with big characters

Sat, 19 Jul 2003 16:12:39 GMT  
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