Database problem/Memory problem?? 
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 Database problem/Memory problem??

Doing some testing on an application, and it occasionally is unable to
open the database. The form from which this happens has a number of
graphics on it, and these are changed in response to events. The images
are stored as resources. It appears that the application has sudden
surges in memory usage for no apparent reason. We are guessing that when
we try to access the database at a time when the app has maxed out
available memory that it's failing. Could be something else going on

This app is built with 2.1, Mac only, using the built-in db (which,
contrary to some reports, seems to be doing fine except in this one
instance). Any ideas why the random surges in memory use, or any other
possible cause of the problem? Thanks.

John S.

Sun, 27 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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