FrontBase or OpenBase or mySQL or PostgreSQL ? 
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 FrontBase or OpenBase or mySQL or PostgreSQL ?

Sorry but I don't speak english ....

I wrote a program which administers notes and bulletins of my school.
I wrote it with REALBASIC (so on MAC) and it works correctly on Mac
(OS?9 AND X) and on PC (win2000).
It would be for best in the best of worlds if the base (REAL DATABASE)
authorized several users at the same time. It is not case.

It is necessary so for me to change base and to adapt program as a
Having to test several types of bases, I retained four of it who could
satisfy me in this case:

                - FrontBase - OpenBase - mySQL - PostgreSQL

They are quite installed in "local" on my computer and, in the first
access, seem to work correctly.

My question: whom to privilege knowing that the network on which they
will be call to serve is PC?

Thank you for any a little argued answer.

Thenne          Saint-Denis de la Runion

Wed, 03 Nov 2004 03:50:07 GMT  
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