Novice needs help with SQL (Max,Min, etc) queries on RealDBs 
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 Novice needs help with SQL (Max,Min, etc) queries on RealDBs

I don't have an Ex, but I fully understand your frustration.  Get ready
for more frustration when it comes to working with REALbasic's built in
database.  Here's a couple of neat little frustrations to introduce
yourself to:

1.  Do this one only with a scratch database.  With RB 2.1a25 or RB
2.1a27, create a REAL database.  Add it to your project and open it with
the built-in database tool.  Try to alter a table.  Oops!

2.  Create a table with a Date column.  Populate the table with 50
random dates.  Select the dates from the table and, this is important,
Order By the Date column.  This one teaches you to not take anything for

3.  Create a table with a Double column.  Populate the table with 50
random Double values, listing the double values as you go along.  Select
the Double  values from the table.  Are they what you started out with?

Oh, and you know the Primary Key clause in a Create Table command?  I
hope you didn't take for granted that it created an index.  Primary Key
does work, but there are way too many disk accesses for this be taking
advantage of an index.

Have fun and try to keep a strait face.

Maybe I'll change my newgroup name to Frustrated Fred.

Sat, 17 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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