Weird font color problem in OS X? 
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 Weird font color problem in OS X?

I have a shareware program which I compiled for MacOSX as well as OS 8.x -

I tested the OS X version on an old iMac I have, running the original OS X.
It works fine.

But now two people have told me this:

"I haven't really been able to test {*filter*}netic Dietician as
there seems to be a bug.  When opening the program various lettering
images  are in multiple colors of the spectrum and very difficult to
read. Clicking in various places changes this multicolored phenomena
into ever changing shades. I have a Power Mac G4 (digital audio version)
new as of 2/12/02,  OS X 10.1.2."

The other user reported that when they run their computer with less colors
(16 bit), the program looks fine.

When the first person told me this, I thought it was just their computer.
But now I'm concerned.

Has anybody heard anything like this?  My program is very simple, it's not
like I'm doing anything fancy at all.

Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:29:27 GMT  
 Weird font color problem in OS X?


> Has anybody heard anything like this?

Yup, this was a problem in some version of RB under OS X and was fixed
a while back.  I don't remember what version fixed it -- 3.5.2, maybe?
I'm pretty sure it worked in 3.5.2, but I don't remember if it's fixed
in any older versions or not.

Sun, 12 Sep 2004 21:41:12 GMT  
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