How to delete a line in an editfielt? 
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 How to delete a line in an editfielt?

hi folks

I'm relatively new to RB - and an old HyperCard scripter.

Problem description:

I have an Editfield (called "Resultat6") of, say, 25 lines.
Now I want a button to delete line 1 of that field (and perhaps also
different lines).
The line(s) I want to delete end with the string ".00"  (without quotes)

in HyperTalk this was pretty easy:
"delete line 1 of card field 2"

How can I achieve the same function in REALbasic?


Sat, 25 Sep 2004 14:28:48 GMT  
 How to delete a line in an editfielt?


> How can I achieve the same function in REALbasic?

look using instr for chr(13) in your text of the editfield and replace
the text with a text without the lines you don't want.


PS: Rechtschreibefehler entstehen nur durch die
elektronische Uebertragung und sind daher vom Autor nicht gewollt. (Kostenlose Mac/Win Software)

Sat, 25 Sep 2004 23:49:23 GMT  
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