Using API NetMessageBufferSend: Nothing! 
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 Using API NetMessageBufferSend: Nothing!


I just started looking at developing Win32 apps with PB/DLL 5
(excepting my electronic copy of PB/DLL 6), and would like to write
yet another GUI alternative to the CLI applet "net send".

I looked at a piece of code on how to do this in VB, but the code
below just stalls for a few seconds, and the program proceeds with no
pop-up window:

Declare FUNCTION NetMessageBufferSend LIB "NETAPI32.DLL" ALIAS
"NetMessageBufferSend" (server AS ASCIIZ, _
        receiver AS ASCIIZ, sender AS ASCIIZ, msg AS ASCIIZ, msglen AS

LOCAL lResult     AS LONG
LOCAL lpBuffer AS ASCIIZ * 255

lpBuffer ="Test"
lResult = NetMessageBufferSend("", "W2K", "", lpBuffer, len(lpBuffer))

W2K is the local host, ie. I'm sending a msg to myself.

Any idea?


Thu, 18 Dec 2003 22:04:02 GMT  
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