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 Beta testers needed


I am planning to release Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder on CD-ROM. This release will
probably take place around January of 2001.


Visit the Westfront PC homepage at:


Westfront PC is written using powerbasic's console compiler for windows.

Recent News:

(9/25/2000): If you are running Windows 3.0/3.1/3.11 and the install program fails to work
(because it expects at least
 Windows 95), then download this version of WFPC (sans the install program). All you need to
do is unzip the file into a
 directory of your choice. Hope this helps. If you experience problems, let me know.

 (9/24/2000): I'm taking requests for the next update to Westfront PC (designated version
12.25, Oct. 15, 2000). I plan
 on adding a way for users to design new weapons and armor, sort of like the 'custom' command.
If you have any
 ideas, let me know...Also, the source code to WFPC has been newly documented to include an
easier to follow
 structure...Quick Tip: (Version 12.00) To upgrade your character's weaponry to maximum, go
visit the Science Lab
 inside the Haunted Mansion (2nd Continent, south from Snurf Village). The cost is 20,000 gold
 Beta test Version 12.25 before the October 20th release!


Would you like to beta test Westfront PC?

Because Westfront PC is -- and always will be -- free, anyone
is welcome to try out new versions before they are officially released.

Version 12.25 of Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder is slated
for an October 20th release.

 New features will include:

 o - Complete history of conquests (dispatches)
 o - Taglines (displays helpful -- or not so helpful -- information)
 o - Organized 'look' statement, showing monsters first
 o - Easier to follow interface (better customization)
 o - 289 new rooms (with many new areas and hidden items!)
 o - Ability to create, customize and alter weaponry
 o - Improved quest information (more accurate information)
 o - 15 new quests (spanning the three continents)
 o - Version 3.01 of the Saved Game Character Editor


Visit rolling hills, purple mountains, expansive castles and light forests in
your journey to restore order to the mythical land of Guilder! With over 36 quests, 1570+
"rooms", and
125+ items, monsters and weapons, Westfront PC blows away many commercial adventures!

Status: Public Domain (as of 8/03/2000)

Contact Information

Author:    Paul Panks (Dunric)

ICQ(UIN#): 12234336

Development history

Westfront PC: The Trials of Guilder has been in development
since May 1993. The first version was completed in
June of 1993 on the Commodore 64, a popular 8-bit microcomputer.

Revisions continued until July 1997, when I released the
final version for the Commodore 64 on two 5 1/4 inch floppy disks (150+ blocks each)
Response was lukewarm at best, so I decided at that particular
time to port Westfront PC (then called Westfront: The Quest for Guilder)
to the IBM line of microcomputers.

After a few months of initial work, Westfront PC appeared on
ZDNET's Hotfiles on October 14, 1997. Since then, Westfront PC
has been downloaded some 57,000 times on twenty four different

Future releases

Future releases of Westfront PC will always be announced 3 weeks
in advance, especially for people willing to beta-test the game.
The CD-ROM release will include enhanced documentation, maps, a multiplayer
version of Westfront PC (tentative), and several of my other games that
are listed on my website.

The cost of the CD-ROM will be $6, with $2 of those proceeds going to
a charity of your choice.

The initial run of CD-ROMs will not exceed 500 copies, unless demand
is further increased by the public.

Thank you, and have a great day! :)


Paul Panks


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