Power BASIC "ARRAY" commands 
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 Power BASIC "ARRAY" commands

I'm working on a project, running Power BASIC v2.1. I setup an array and I've
tried to use the ARRAY SCAN and INSERT commands, but I'm getting an error when
I try to run the program...

Is there any information, other than the very terse help screen, on these
commands, maybe something the help doesn't mention.

Also, what's up with SHARED, I'm going to have to upgrade to v3.5, but until I
do I'm using the one I have... SHARED doesn't let you specify the size of an
array variable, and if you DIM it first, it gives you a "duplicate definition"
error. Is SHARED designed to be used by FUNCTIONs and SUBs to access variables
defined globally or what? In QuickBASIC you define the variable as global
(shared) with this command, is it just the opposite in powerbasic?

Thanks in advance


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