PBCC and physical memory 
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 PBCC and physical memory



I'm considering using PBCC to write programs that will talk to a
custom PCI interface under Win98 or NT. The interface will have a
block of addressable configuration memory (assigned dynamically by the
BIOS at system boot time) and will also be able to do big block
transfers of 2-d histogram (essentially image) data.

So, questions for some helpful soul...

If I know the physical address of a memory location (it will be
something huge, past the system memory range, and won't be cached - I
hope-) can I access it by dimming an array at that address? This will
be an absolute address, not relative to the program space.

Am I right in assuming that the addresses used by PEEK and POKE are
relative to, and strictly within, the program's address space? If so,
is there any way to do a true physical address?

Can I dim a big data array (16 Mbytes, maybe), figure out its
*physical* address, and then force a PCI block transfer from my board
into the array?  Can I make the array nonvirtual and physically
contiguous so that I can do one big (non gather-scatter) block

Or should I just give up and write a real Windows device driver (or,
preferably, give up science and join the circus?)


Thu, 12 Dec 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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