ASM syntax in PB3.5 
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 ASM syntax in PB3.5

John, the DB mnemonic tells powerbasic to "define" (place) a specific
byte value in the code.

The &H66 prefix to many 16-bit mnemonics instructs the processor to
use the extended registers.

For example:

! DB &H66

is equivalent to:


I hope this helps!


>I want to do some inline assembly  of some 32-bit opcodes (using EAX,
>stuff like that). Since the ASM statement doesn't know how to do this,
>I just assemble the opcodes using NASM (which puts in the 66h preamble
>byte thing) and poke the assembled opcodes in Basic using

> ASM DB  xxxx

>BUT I don't really understand the DB syntax.

>!  DB  &h66
>!  DB  &hC1
>!  DB  &hE1

>seems OK, but clumsy.

>Things like

>! DB &h12, &h34

>cause errors.

>Forms like

>!  DB &h11223344AABBCC

>sometime complain that I have not entered a legal numeric variable,
>which implies that even ASM is looking for legit numeric types (ie,
>byte, word, longword, etc) which implies

>!  DB  &h66C1E1

>might NOT assemble three bytes!

>The PB docs don't seem to discuss the DB syntax.

>Any wisdom here?



>ps - NASM is a cool free x86 assembler!

>pps - this was posted to comp.lang.basic.powerbasic originally, but
>that ng looks pretty dead. I guess the world doesn't need *two*
>PowerBasic newsgroups.

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