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 Which compiler?

Hello all,

I am using powerbasic 2.10f for ages now and I am planning to get a new
PowerBASIC Compiler. I just don't know which one.
Why are there two different compilers, one for Console Application and
another one just for Windows? With most programming language (eg. delphi or
CBuilder) you can create both types of software by using just one compiler?
Which compiler should I take to programm database (and sometimes games?)

Best regards,

Sun, 08 May 2005 22:57:08 GMT  
 Which compiler?
Hi Chris,


>I am using PowerBASIC 2.10f for ages now and I am planning to get a new
>PowerBASIC Compiler. I just don't know which one.

We have three different PowerBASIC compilers (for a comparison of
their abilities, please visit www.powerbasic.com/shop/compiler.asp).

The PowerBASIC 3.5 compiler for DOS is the most compatible product to
PB/DOS 2.1.  It's important to remember, however, that modern
PowerBASIC is a much more "feature rich" language than 2.1, so we may
have some new keywords (like ARRAY, SORT, VIRTUAL, HUGE, etc.) that
conflict with variables in your code.  In those cases, a simple search
and replace will get your code up and running.

If you are looking to move into Windows, the next most compatible
product is the PowerBASIC Console Compiler for Windows.  PB/CC
compiles your BASIC source code into 32-bit Windows .EXE files that
run in Windows 95, 98, 2000 and NT.  However, they run inside of a DOS
box so that you can keep your existing "text user interface".  PB/CC
supports PRINT, LOCATE, COLOR, LINE INPUT, etc.  While more
modifications are necessary than with PB/DOS 3.5, you get a much more
powerful application capable of accessing up to 2 gigabytes of memory,
windows devices, the Internet, and more.

The PowerBASIC DLL Compiler for Windows is the least compatible of our
products with DOS BASIC.  But it's probably the most powerful BASIC
compiler ever created.  It compiles your BASIC source code into 32-bit
Windows .EXE and .DLL files.  And even better, it lets you create a
Windows program that has the familiar "Graphical User Interface" used
by most Windows programs like Microsoft Word, Netscape and Quicken.
All of your user-interface code has to be re-written (PRINT, LOCATE,
etc. don't work in the Windows world), but when you are done you will
have the smallest and fastest program possible.  And, unlike some
versions of BASIC, PowerBASIC creates completely stand-alone programs.
You don't need to ship and huge run-time DLLs with your programs.  A
typical program in PowerBASIC with a full-blown GUI interface is
around 100k.

>With most programming language (eg. Delphi or
>CBuilder) you can create both types of software by using just one compiler?

You can with either of the Windows versions of PowerBASIC too -- it's
possible to create GUI applications with PB/CC and console
applications with PB/Win too... but you'll have to get quite intimate
with the Windows API.  

>Which compiler should I take to programm database (and sometimes games?)

Either. {smile}   ODBC/SQL can be does from either PB/CC or PB/Win.
Graphics can be done with either too.  Using libraries can
dramatically simplify both of these though, if you are not yet
familiar with Windows programming theory.  For example, SQL TOOLS and
GRAPHICS TOOLS can drastically reduce the learning curve for database
and graphics respecitively.

Therefore, it really comes down to whether you want to use the native
user interface functions (PRINT/CLS etc for  PB/CC, or DIALOG
NEW/CONTROL ADD for PB/Win.) or whether you want to learn how to write
GUI Windows applications by using the Windows API.

PS: you can download the example file sets for both compilers from
http://www.powerbasic.com/files/pub/pbwin -- examining the actual
source code might help you decide which will likely suit your needs

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, please do not
hesitate to ask!


PowerBASIC Support

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316 Mid Valley Center | 831-659-8000 Voice | http://www.powerbasic.com

Mon, 09 May 2005 22:47:03 GMT  
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