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 ../\...Advice For New Immigrants^^^..

I tried to think of a suitable response that would both express my
thoughts about your post yet would not be too difficult for you to
understand. I came up with one that I think will work:


Gary J Sibio

>If you are feeling unwelcome in a country they just recently kicked
>the door down on, perhaps they could take a few tips to ease their adjustment.

>And a few social tips:

>1.  Understand you are in a foreign country, probably illegally.  The
>language barrier is of your own making and is not a responsiblity of the
>host country.

>2.  Stop complaining.  No one owes you anything, and the freeloader and
>whiner rolls are already full.  Remember that you would not remain here
>unless the situation was much better than at home.

>3.  Expect that most people you meet will honor your culture, traditions and
>laws only to the extent that you honor theirs.  Understand too that illegal
>immigrants come from the back of the line in their own country and their
>presence causes a burden on the social and economic resources of the
>communities they settle in.  Since many of you are poor and unskilled, you
>wind up on the welfare rolls.  Those who do pay naturally resent your hands
>in their pockets.  Many workers, especially in the construction industry,
>have been displaced since your arrival.

>4.  No nation is morally or legally obligated to accept another nation's
>underclass.  Therefore, since legal immigration is a privilege, it is best
>to be grateful.  And since illegal immigration is a crime, it is wise to
>stop demanding all the time.

>Which leads last to point #5;

>5.  Obey the immigration laws of the country one currently finds oneself.

>Of course, compliance with #5 would eliminate the problem altogether since
>most of those who are complaining of feeling unwelcome would have to leave.

>Only in America!

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Anything here that looks like an opinion is mine and not the company which vastly underpays me.

Tue, 22 Oct 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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