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 IMHO - The way to go

Well, we are suggested to send this kind of postings to the powerbasic
sales e-mail address. But I feel it's better to post them here, and
let PB programmers pass them to the sales department if they think
them worthwhile.

There was a question about books for PowerBasic in another thread...
No books here, I'm afraid.

- Rule number 1 to increase PowerBasic sales: get someone to write
"Mastering PowerBasic".

- Rule 2: make it "Object Basic" (it's not that hard, I think. An
object is basically speaking, a structure, where some fields happen to
be pointers to procedures). Once there is a Basic++, who would be so
silly as to use C++ any longer? No joke here.

Some object module format, or units, need be developed for this.
Reusability, you know. Active X support? Well, interesting, indeed...
But once you provide the foundations, let third party software company
or freeware/shareware developers provide the VCL. PowerBasic needs
give the foundation tools. The rest, would happen all by itself.

BTW, can't agree with the trend of extending the language as the way
to go.TCP/IP functions added... Well, quite useful -for some. No,
no... These might come as a .DLL, as an additional package, as a unit,
as ... Get the foundations right first of all. Then, you can add
whatever you like, but not to the language; to the "components
library" instead. Keep the language small and simple. What sells more?
Basic with TCP/IP, or Basic++? Third parties could provide TCP/IP, and
then so much more.

- Rule 3: Get the IDE right. Fancy? No, just right. But let it have an
Add-ins or Experts capability. Then, let third parties enhance it by
way of these.

Provide right foundations -and see it flourish with not so much
further effort on PowerBasic staff part.


BTW: as for trying to port it to Linux, what about using NASM? (stands
for "sound assembler"). May mean a lot of work to move from TASM to
NASM, but it may be a lot rewarding in the end.

Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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