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 PowerBASIC at Davar Web Site

Please find at the link below samples of powerbasic programming
techniques along with several useful fully-functional programs.


PowerBASIC support 4DOS batch command scripts

          PowerBASIC Functions

COMPRES$  Compress character string
DIGITAL%  Check character string for digital value (predicate)
LEAP%     Check year for leap value (predicate)
PARSE$    Parse character string into substring array
TRANS$    Translate character string symbols
VALDGRE%  Check date for valid Gregorian value (predicate)
WEEKDAY$  Form day of a week abbreviated name

          PowerBASIC Procedures

RENPHOT   Rename digital photo image JPG files

PowerBASIC links

Best regards,
Vladimir Veytsel.

Fri, 22 Jul 2005 10:42:51 GMT  
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