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 SI Grid Now Available

Software Innovators would like to announce the release of SI Grid DLL v1.0.  

SI Grid is a DLL based grid control written entirely in PB/DLL 6.0 and the Win32 API.  

Some features of the SI Grid are:
  a.. Fully editable cells
  b.. Ability to set a specific cell value using SetCell and SetCellNum
  c.. Ability to get a specific cell value using GetCell and GetCellNum
  d.. Add rows using the AddRow function
  e.. Delete rows using the DeleteRow function
  f.. Set the rowcount during grid creation and after using SetRowCount
  g.. Option to set Flat or 3D drawing
  h.. Option to set Read-Only
  i.. Row change message sent to parent window
  j.. Resizable Rows and Columns
  k.. CheckBox Cells
  l.. ComboBox Cells
  m.. Cells Multi Row Select
  n.. Less than 70K in size
  o.. Unlimited runtime distribution
  p.. Many more features...  

For more details and grid samples see our website:

Chris Bristow

Tue, 28 Jan 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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