PB DLL's for Visual Basic 
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 PB DLL's for Visual Basic

Hi John,

DLL's created with PB/DLL (or the latter version PB/Win 7.0) are 100%
compatible with VB, because powerbasic compiles industry standard
DLL's (and EXE's).

I'm not sure why you believe they are not compatble.  Did you try to
register a DLL created with PB/DLL?  If so, then you would certainly
have received a REGSVR32 error message because standard DLL's do not
need to be registered (only COM or ActiveX DLL's need to be

In any case, there is a complete Appendix (B) in the PB/DLL 6.x
documentation that describes parameter passing conventions and
generally " how" to set up exported sub/function parameters to that
data can be passed back and forth with VB.

In fact, the PB/Win 7.0 example set even comes with a couple of VB
projects and DLL's created with PB/Win that are ready to run...

You can download the 7.0 examples from

I hope this helps.  If you have any further questions, please do not
hesitate to ask!



>The DLL's produced by PowerBasic are not compatible with Visual Basic.  Does
>anyone know how to make them compatible.

>Many Thanks

>John Makeham

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Tue, 05 Apr 2005 20:12:55 GMT  
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