PBU problem (with PB 3.5 for DOS) 
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 PBU problem (with PB 3.5 for DOS)

You need to recompile the .BAS code with PB3.5 to build a PBU file
that is compatible with PB3.5.  

If the source was not included in the ZIP file, contact the author and
see if he/she can send you an updated PBU or PBL file (or maybe even
the source code for the unit file).


>I've downloaded DWDOOR31.ZIP, which is a door program for BBSes. It
>comes with a PBL file, which is made with an older version of powerbasic
>for DOS, I also downloaded a librarian for versions 3.20 and earlier and
>managed to extract the PBL file. It's now 2 OBJ files and 1 PBU file.
>When I tried to create a new PBL file for PB 3.5, it reported that the
>PBU file is invalid. Seems like it's created with an older version of
>My Question is:
>Is there any utility out there that can convert the old format of PBU to
>the one that PowerBasic 3.5 uses?

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