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 On-topic Adv: SQL Tools Version 2

If you haven't already heard the news, Perfect Sync Software has just
released Version 2.00 of our popular "SQL Tools" add-on for powerbasic's
PB/CC and PB/DLL compilers.

SQL Tools Version 2 makes it truly EASY for PowerBASIC programs to create,
access, query, and modify SQL-compatible databases and spreadsheets with
functions like SQL_OpenDatabase and SQL_FetchResult, completely avoiding the
overhead and hassles of ADO, DAO, RDO, and OLE DB.  SQL Tools is easy to
install, use, and distribute -- the runtime file is just 175k! -- and it is
compatible with MORE THAN of the world's most popular and powerful
databases, including Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle, Excel
spreadsheets, dBase, MySQL, and on and on.

Using SQL Tools is almost as easy as OPEN MyDataBase AS #1 but it provides
virtually ALL of the power of SQL-compliant databases.  If you've never used
the SQL Language to access a database or spreadsheet before, check this


There are lots of new features in Version 2, including complete
compatability with Visual Basic. SQL Tools comes with over 800 pages of
documentation so we can't possibly tell you all about it here, and we don't
want to waste bandwidth, so you can click here if you'd like more
information about SQL Tools Version 2...


All of Perfect Sync's Development Tools are also available from
http://www.*-*-*.com/ .

-- Paul Deming, Sales Manager, Perfect Sync Software

Sun, 15 Feb 2004 01:27:49 GMT  
 On-topic Adv: SQL Tools Version 2

> compatible with MORE THAN of the world's most

Sorry, that should have said "more than 50".

-- Paul Deming

Sun, 15 Feb 2004 01:30:27 GMT  
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