Help How to show files in a box 
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 Help How to show files in a box

I Know How To do a Dir from power basic
Dim Data1 as String
On Error Resume Next
Data1 = Dir$("C:\windows\command\*.*", 0)
While Len(Data1) > 0
Data1 = Dir$

And I can locate the output to a starting line and have it print to the
i.e. locate 2,1:print Data1,   or let it push down the screen with print

But How would I show them in a box on the screen say on the left
like dosshell sow I could scroll down IE showing the first found file
and pushing say down arrow to see more files

I understand inputting the down arrow button but I need help
with the graphics...

Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:47:24 GMT  
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